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Amazon PPC Management

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Amazon PPC Management

Amazon PPC Management plays a vital role in the success of a business on Amazon. Amazon first made its way to becoming the largest online market in the world. Then soon after it became the largest marketing platform for sellers. Amazon is full of great opportunities that let the sellers advertise their products and grow sales. Amazon PPC advertising has become a very popular marketing stream on Amazon. Amazon PPC allows ads to be more visible. It allows sellers and vendors to attain more visibility for their products. They can buy visibility for their ads which enable sellers to display ads more efficiently. Ads will be visible to the consumers at the top of Amazon’s search results page.

Moreover, sellers are deploying effective strategies with Amazon PPC management to get more attention. If you don’t have a plan in mind that can compete with their level then you should stick with us. Otherwise, achieving your Amazon PPC management goal might prove difficult.

In this blog, you will get potential information on

  • Amazon PPC and Ad types for vendors and sellers
  • Necessity of Amazon PPC and its cost
  • Working of Amazon PPC from the basics
  • Running Amazon Ad campaign ensuring positive results

Let’s start to know a bit about Amazon PPC. So, what is Amazon PPC?

PPC Stands for Pay-Per-Click. Amazon PPC is all about advertising. It is an Advertising model in which sellers or vendors have to pay a fee to gain more visibility. It is like a bidding contest. The one who bids the most gains the top spot. So, when consumers search against a specific query then the sellers whose bid was the most gets to be on top. The sellers gain more consumers in their shop. Hence, increasing revenue and popularity.

There are three types of Ads available for Amazon. Those are:

  • Sponsored Products Ads
  • Sponsored Brands Ads
  • Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Product Ads

This Ad algorithm works similarly to Google Adwords. These are targeted by specific keywords. So, when a consumer searches “Plastic Forks” on Amazon then the best results will be displayed. The top ones and the most visible ones will have an “AD” logo displayed next to them. Those Ads are sponsored by sellers who bid against the keyword “Plastic Forks”. Sponsored product Ads help in the individual promotion of products in search results of Amazon.

These are the most used Ads on Amazon.

 Sponsored Brands Ads 

These Ads focus on promoting a brand rather than an individual product. You can promote your brand along with its headlines and brand logo. However, you can only display up to 3 Ads. These 3 Ads will have the top spot on Amazon search results. Placement might be different but visibility is guaranteed. Consumers will be able to access the store page and custom landing pages as well on Amazon. Moreover, videos Ads are also a part that describes the products in detail. These play a vital role in Amazon PPC Management.

Sponsored Display Ads

With these ads, consumers on Amazon can land directly on product pages where they will be shown full details of the product. Sponsored Display Ads keep track of the customer’s data. Relevant Ads are displayed depending upon the search history of a customer. Meaning that if a customer is interested in “Plastic Utensils” then more Ads resembling plastic kitchenware will pop up.

Eligibility for Amazon PPC Ads – Amazon PPC Management

Who is eligible to use Amazon PPC Ads? Sellers and vendors are both qualified. However, there is an exception for the sellers. Sellers have to register their brand on Amazon first then they can use Amazon PPC.

Sellers and vendors have a difference that is why there is a condition for sellers.

Sellers: Sellers are usually third-party. They sell their products via Amazon directly to their customers using Amazon FBA (mostly).

Vendors: Vendors are directly affiliated with Amazon. Vendors sell their products to Amazon directly. Then Amazon sells those products to consumers. Both Amazon FBA and FBM can utilize Amazon PPC and Amazon PPC Management.

How to use Amazon PPC?

With effective campaigns, the rate of sales, profit, and fame significantly improves over time. This ensures more brand awareness among customers and increases organic visitors. Amazon is the best platform for selling but with Ads, it’s much more than that. If you are solely doing a selling business on Amazon and not utilizing its Ad potential then you should consider broadening your perspective.

Amazon PPC Management – Custom bid or automated bidding?

The automatic bidding process proceeds with default settings. However, as a professional, you can change the setting that meets all the necessary requirements. If you find a product or a keyword that has a low bidding structure then you can lower the price of your bid to find a place in that category.

Finding the best competition for your bid is a crucial part. Moreover, your resources are also at stake. The more you spend on an Ad Campaign without positive outcomes, the more you lose. Similarly, just starting an Ad Campaign does not mean that you will be able to attract more customers. You have to win the bid or the entire auction for your Ad to take the top spot.


Sellers and vendors need to have a deep information stream regarding Amazon PPC Ads. Moreover, each Ad functions differently. So, applying different strategies while collecting analytical data is the best approach. The data will allow the sellers and vendors to run effective marketing campaigns. They will know which type of Ad their brand needs. Also, winning the bid does not mean getting millions of consumers right away. You can gain more by adopting an effective Amazon PPC Management strategy.

For more information on Amazon PPC and guidance, feel free to contact us.

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