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Amazon Prime Reading vs Kindle Unlimited

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Passion with no Bounds – Amazon Prime Reading Vs Kindle Unlimited

As a passionate reader, you must wonder which one is the best when it comes to Amazon Prime Reading Vs Kindle UnlimitedBoth of these are meant to fulfill the endless desire of reading for passionate readers. They are available on Amazon. The ultimate audience for these programs is the readers. Amazon Prime Reading Vs Kindle Unlimitedwhy is there a clash when they are both from Amazon? So, let’s find out what was the reason behind releasing two different programs for a single purpose.

Let’s talk about the similarities first

Amazon Prime Reading Vs Kindle Unlimited Mirror Features

They both give access to many books including audiobooks and magazines. There is no time restriction on both of these programs so you can access them any time you want. You can read thousands of books and listen to thousands of audiobooks on Amazon Prime and Kindle.

Now for the differences

Differences between Amazon Prime Reading Vs Kindle Unlimited 

There is a reason why Amazon chose two different platforms for a single purpose. The difference is quite fundamental.

Kindle Unlimited:

Readers can buy a kindle unlimited subscription. It costs about $10 a month. The number of titles or books available on Kindle is over a million. That’s a lot! So, we can say that the kindle is more focused on reading as compared to Amazon Prime reading. Why do you ask? Keep reading.

Amazon Prime Reading:

Have you heard of Amazon Prime? Amazon prime is a service for potential buyers. With Amazon, prime subscription customers can gain access to quick delivery services. Moreover, the reliability factor for the prime customers is increased.

But the prime subscription does not stop there. With Amazon prime, the prime customers get Amazon Prime Reading for free with the prime subscription. Amazon does love its customers a lot. So, to show their gratitude to their loyal customers. Amazon grants access to Amazon Prime reading for free. The annual cost of the subscription is $119 and $12.99 monthly.

Moreover, Amazon prime reading is somewhat limited in terms of books or titles. It only gives you access to 1000 titles give or take. They keep changing periodically but if a reader cannot find what he/she is looking for then it’s a major letdown. It makes sense as the users have to gain more from Amazon than just reading. In other words, if the Prime buyers feel like reading something then they can read it for free on Amazon.

Kindle is a standalone service while the Amazon Prime reading comes with Amazon Prime.

Can Prime Users get Kindle For Free?

Amazon Prime Reading Vs Kindle Unlimited battle is a fierce one. But unfortunately, Amazon Prime members cannot get Kindle for free with their Amazon Prime. To use Kindle, they have to buy the subscription separately. Amazon Prime members qualify for all that is required to use Kindle. So, there will be no problem in purchasing the second subscription as well for an extra $10.

Kindle is purely designed to target the market of readers. On the other hand, Prime reading is just a perk that comes with prime membership. Moreover, you can say that the Prime reading is just a smaller version or a subset of Kindle. As Kindle offers over a million books and Prime-only 1000 with periodic rotations.

Which One Should I Get – Amazon Prime Reading Vs Kindle Unlimited

If you are a hardcore reading and the craze of reading is like an endless stream of pleasure for you then the kindle is your knight in shining armor. With the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program, you can get access to almost every book available on the planet.

The “Unlimited” in Kindle Unlimited holds a literal meaning. You will have unlimited access to unlimited books, audiobooks, and magazines. So, you can spend endless hours on kindle and never get bored. For passionate and loving readers, kindle provides an endless journey over the seas of knowledge and suspense.

If you are a casual reader and often read books then Amazon Prime reading would be a great choice. With thousands of books to choose from you will have a great time. Moreover, will the periodical shifts you can expect some good books to pop up that might pique your interest.

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