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Amazon Photo vs Google Photo

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Amazon Photo Vs Google Photo – The Best Choice Guide

You are here because you want a convenient option between Amazon Photo Vs Google Photo. So, we are going to do a thorough inspection of both cloud services. Yes, these are cloud services that let you upload your photos on their storage. There might be a number of reasons for you to choose a cloud service. But not all cloud services are reliable and your photo data is important. The most common reason would be that you must be running out of space on your mobile device. You can save photos and memories with a single touch.

But if you are running out of space and you don’t want to delete your old photos. So, a cloud storage is the next best option for you. It is time to use the online storage services. We have two options for you. In this blog we are going to do a comparison between Amazon Photo Vs Google Photo. So, after you are finished you will know which one to choose. Stick around to find out. So, let us begin.

Before we start you should know that we choose these two because of ease of access. Almost everyone has an Amazon or a Google Account. Therefore, the hassle of making new accounts and verifying them is out of question.

Features Comparison – Amazon Photo Vs Google Photo

Google Photos: You are familiar with Google. It is the world’s biggest search engine and with a lot of extra features as well. Google Photos is just a part of Google storage services. This one lets you manage photos specifically. With the Google Photo Application you can manage your photo inventory efficiently. The user friendly interface allows you to have the best experience in online photo management.

Photos are stored on your google drive and you can access them any time. Just don’t forget your account credentials and make sure to have a recovery option in case you forgot something. The application is available for Android Smartphones and it’s free to use. You can also access the service via browser.

Moreover, you can create multiple albums on Google Photos with ease. Similarly, you can organize which album receives the photos from your next upload. So, an album with an auto update function is created. With this feature you don’t have to add the photos automatically. This will save you a lot of time.

The archive feature on Google Photos lets you keep your privacy. They will be visible to you only and no one else on the main gird can see or access them.

Amazon Photos: Just like Google drive or Google photo is a part of Google, Amazon Photos or Amazon Drive is a part of Amazon. The Amazon photo application is available on Android Smartphones as well.

Amazon Photos have an automatic synchronization option as long as it receives an active internet connection. You can turn on the automatic sync or change its setting according to your needs. There is also the automatic generating albums according to people and places. You can also share photos with groups on Amazon photo. Moreover, there are options of reacting to photos and sending comments. It is just like a messenger but specifically designed for photos.

Online Support – Amazon Photo Vs Google Photo

Google Photo: Getting Google Photo support is easy via the application. You can locate the option in the application. Moreover, Google has a huge community so you can always get aid from them.

With a Google Free account you can get up to 15GBs of free space. If you need more space then you have to buy a Google Plan. If not, then you can create multiple free accounts and get 15GB free for each.

Amazon Photo: This service does not come for free. You need to have an Amazon Prime member ship to avail this service. Amazon Prime Member costs about $12.99 a month and $119 a year. But paying only to get Amazon photo cloud storage is not a smart choice. If you only need extra space then there are tons of other options. An affiliation with Amazon prime is not necessary to get that extra storage.

Moreover, Amazon prime member receive a 5GB storage for free. 5GB is not that much but it may do the job for the time being. You can also purchase a separate cloud storage on Amazon but at a cost.

Amazon Photo Vs Google Photo: Final Decision

In Amazon Photo Vs Google Photo, both have great features. But Google is more accessible than Amazon Photo. Not everyone can have or needs an Amazon prime account for the sole purpose of uploading photos. If you have an Amazon prime already for some reasons then you can avail that free 5GB.

Otherwise, Google Photos is a more convenient option. The reasons are following

  • It is free
  • You can upgrade if you want to
  • It has 15GB of cloud storage
  • You can create multiple free accounts
  • It is easy to use
  • Almost everyone has a Google Account with Google Drive
  • Easily accessible because everyone has a Google Account

If you’re already a Prime member on Amazon then use the Amazon Photo storage. Otherwise, our recommendations stand with Google Photos. The reasons are obvious. So, this concludes our Amazon Photo Vs Google Photo review.

More free cloud Services

Mega is a famous and reliable cloud service. It offers 50GB to free users. You need to register on Mega.nz to get the free 50GB cloud storage. The interface is amazing and supports chat.

For more information on the best cloud services online be sure to check in with us.

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