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Product Lists Suppressed on Amazon

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Product Lists Suppressed on Amazon – Know the Reason!

Need help managing your Amazon product lists? Repair products deleted by Amazon please think about it. Where do you first look when you start looking for a new product? You will probably go to the Amazon market, enter and click on the most relevant keywords-there are millions of products at your fingertips.

Moreover, with over 60% of product searches launched on Amazon, brands must use the platform to enter larger markets, sell more products and create a wider brand audience. I am aware of that. But what many retailers are unaware of is that Amazon’s product list requires regular maintenance and maintenance. It is impossible to succeed on the platform with a “set and leave” strategy. It’s important to note that sellers need to take many steps to list their products on Amazon, but they need to do a lot of work while the product list is available.

Similarly, if an item in the list does not meet Amazon’s requirements over time, all Amazon offers must be updated and maintained at all times as the entire account will be deleted, deactivated, or suspended until the issue is resolved. Also, if the list is suppressed, you will lose revenue immediately every time the list is inactive until the list is modified.

Product Lists Suppression Reason

Suppressed lists usually occur when a particular product list does not meet Amazon’s strict standards. According to Amazon, these containment guidelines are implemented to make it easier for consumers to find, research, and buy products on the platform. To prevent Amazon from overwhelming your product list, sellers must include all the product details and information they need.

Here are some common examples of missing or inadequate information that can lead to list suppression:

  1. A list of products that do not have at least one main image.A list without a detailed description of the product (excluding certain categories such as clothing, books, shoes).
  2. Clothing or accessories with a title of more than 80 characters.
  3. A list of products for which no category type is defined.

So, do not worry about it! You can fix it as well.

How to Fix Product lists Suppression

Fortunately, the seller can identify and modify the suppressed list with less effort. The problem is that sellers need to constantly check their offers to make sure everything is up to date and running smoothly.

Here are five steps to fix a suppressed Amazon list:

First of all, go to the Warehouse Management button on the Inventory tab in Seller Central. If you have suppressed the list, the Suppress button is displayed. Congratulations if you don’t have any “deleted” items! All offers work fine!

If you see a button, click Suppress and select the desired product list. Review and edit the list that requires more information, or click Manage Images to modify the list without product images. Each product list has an Amazon product overview page that lists all suppression and quality issues. Click Save when all issues are resolved.

Product lists Losing Their Optimization

Product lists have a chance to lose their strength and become less visible or optimized. In rare cases, your ad may be removed by an unintended banned allegation, even if your listing appears to meet Amazon’s standards.

Amazon’s Ban Claims Guidelines exist to ensure that buyers receive the most honest and accurate information, but Amazon’s algorithms may cause certain claims or keywords to be incorrect. There are two main ways to notify sellers of mislabeled print ads, depending on the type of problem. It’s a notification of leftover inventory and performance.

Old/Aged Inventory

Amazon ASIN is deleted when the listing is classified as leftover inventory. It is listed as “Strand Inventory” on the Manage Inventory page. On the stranded inventory page, Amazon provides reasons for being stranded, such as missing attributes or mismarked ban claims. The seller can appeal or resolve the issue.

In many cases, you can fix the problem by editing the copy in the list. For example, if you resolve a pesticide claim by removing words such as “bug,” “pest,” “mold,” “mold,” and “insect,” the ASIN is usually removed from the leftover inventory.

Performance Degradation of Product Lists

When the ASIN is marked as a performance issue, a performance notification will be sent to the seller. The product detail page may be removed from Amazon, or you may receive an error that needs to be corrected while the seller continues to sell.

To resolve performance notifications, the seller must submit a three-part Action Plan (POA). The main causes, positive actions, and preventive actions.

Moreover, sellers can access the Seller Central Voice of the Customer control screen to see the flagged ASIN and find recent customer feedback related to performance issues raised by Amazon. Performance notifications should be removed after the appropriate POA has been submitted.

Selling on Amazon is not easy. It has its fair share of problems and hurdles. Sellers have a lot to deal with when they are managing their brand. There is so much to do like marketing, account management, inventory management, staying clear of amazon offenses, and much more.

Moreover, the amazon shop or listing requires periodic monitoring to ensure a stable output and optimization factor.

Similarly, you can make use of great online tools to make and optimize your listings on Amazon. The procedure is simple. But you have to do some digging first for an effective tool. So, when you find your way around the tool and its basics then commence the listing process.

So, for more information on product lists and their optimization as well as suppression reasons, feel free to contact us!

Handling the process of listing can be a challenge if you are new to it. However, the process can be made easy. We are also helping sellers throughout the world to hire professional Amazon virtual assistants. An Amazon VA knows how to deal with such things and they have accumulated a larger amount of experience in the fields as well. Our Amazon professionals are always ready to help and guide you.

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