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Amazon Moments

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Amazon Moments – Customer Care at its Best

What is Amazon MomentAmazon moment is a type of service which allows you to interact with customers at a higher rate. You get more chances and opportunities for the best possible seller-customer engagement.

How does Amazon Moment Work?

The concept is simple and easy to comprehend. Users get to make some specific set of actions. Suppose a survey. Then if the user has completed that action successfully, they receive a reward. These rewards may include physical or digital copies of a specific item.

Suppose you are completing a survey that will reward you with a PC game key. So, when your action is completed. You receive the key in your mail or right there on the new page. You can redeem that key in the store to get the game.

This is the way Amazon moments works. The users have an eligibility criterion for over 100 countries. The actions can involve watching videos, answering questions or seeing ads, etc. In the end, your reward is more customer’s engagements. This method is tested and yielded outstanding results.

When considering gaming, many developers use this service to get more from the customer. Suppose an RPG game offers 20x the more supplies for the new players. Moreover, with the addition of watching ads or videos, the new user can get more rewards.

In the case of Amazon, you can give your customers amazon gift cards or an electronic device. Amazon has a wide range of items available for you to choose from. There are options available in Electronics, toys, beauty, and health. Digital content includes giving away Amazon Gift Cards and much more.

Amazon works harder than any other store online to make and maintain a tight bond of trust between the customers. So, if someone tries to do something smart or illegal then they are banned from the store permanently. There are good and bad people no matter where you go. It happens in real life and a digital one as well.

Good news for Marketers!

Amazon moment is a type of cross-platform marketing tool which allows new and old businesses to plant triggers for customers. The marketers can set these moments or triggers with the most effective strategy. This is done on their android applications or a business website. So, when the customers engage in these moments and complete them then they receive an Amazon Loyalty reward. The rewards are also chosen by the marketer.

Marketers do not have to worry about the fulfillment process as it is handled completely by Amazon. Amazon handles the sourcing of the item and the whole fulfillment procedures. This includes sourcing, packing, shipping, and delivery.

Amazon Moments runs on the CPA pricing model, which is cost-per-action. Moreover, over 100 countries can avail themselves of this service for free.

Are Amazon Moments Easy to use?

Yes, this service does not require a lot of technical processes. Amazon made this service to use a low implementation API. This means that the developers can easily implement this service in their website or application. The service has no sturdiness whatsoever. All small and large business models can make the best of this service. Moreover, it has access to all the major customer interaction platforms like smartphones and the Web.

Things You Should Know About Amazon Moments

First of all, it is not a loyalty program. It is more like a rewarding service on a global scale. Secondly, it comes with its perks. The service does not offer any advice, suggestion, or guidance on the delivery process. So, you have to get creative and devise the best strategy to achieve a goal. In this case, the goal is customer interaction with your custom moments. So, keeping that in mind there are a couple of drawbacks. Well! We cannot exactly term them as drawbacks.

Firstly, Amazon only provides a framework to allow effective customer interactions. Amazon does not give insights on how to do so.

Secondly, it uses the CPA pricing model. This means that it costs a lot. The return on investment is high as well therefore it balances out the expenditures. Even for small actions like sharing on Facebook costs a lot.

Amazon Moments – Advantages 

Not everyone can take advantage of this platform. Amazon itself says “the reward possibilities and scenarios have no end” (Paraphrased).

So, keeping that in mind we can identify the people who have the potential to make the most of it.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are more likely to have no idea about this service. This experimental rewarding program can be useful in gaining a huge customer base. Moreover, with the perks of the program, they can eliminate their shortcomings in the business. For example, the fulfillment program.

Famous Brands

Global recognized brands TikTok and Disney are already affiliated with the Amazon Moments Program. The main concern for these companies is not fulfillment but customer engagement. They need to be capable of providing more than just manual purchases. So, they need to take the next step in rewarding their customers with a different method.

Amazon Gets Success

The service is an expansion to their large business infrastructure. So, with this amazon can get more data on their customers and know more about their requirements. With this customer data, Amazon can deploy successful and various marketing strategies to grow their business even further.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Moments is a truly remarkable service in the business world. Most of the famous brands with a lot of hard work to hold them straight lose because of negative customer interactions. The next time you can secure a free reward for a customer then the news will spread like wildfire. This ensures more organic traffic on the business platform. Moreover, people will buy something as well. This is a sign of gratitude from a loyal customer.

But amazon Moments is not meant for everyone. Those firms who are competing against amazon cannot take part in this amazing service.

For more information on Amazon Moments, feel free to contact us. We will give you complete details and insights on the subject.

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