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Amazon Global Selling

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Amazon Global Selling – Dream Big Do Big

Amazon global selling is like a dream come true for most sellers. On Amazon, you can do a different type of business. You can adopt a business model that suits you and your passions the best. Some of the sellers make huge profits selling locally or countrywide. But some sellers, like you, dream big. They want more than just a business. Moreover, making progress is a necessity. So, every chance you get to go a step forward then take it. Amazon Global Selling is the expansion of your Amazon business in international markets. In this blog, we are going to show you how you can expand your business globally by selling in more regions.

Step One: Availing the Opportunity

Do you have an idea about Amazon’s customer base? Well! There are more than 150 million prime customers on Amazon on a global level. Similarly, there are more than 300 million active customer accounts on amazon. This means that millions of people visit amazon from all over the globe to do shopping online.

You can leverage amazon’s global scale with Amazon’s international state-of-the-art logistics capabilities. Taking advantage of peak seasons in other countries or regions to reduce low sale periods in your area or region. So, you can make more profits or constant profits with this strategy. On Amazon, usually, sales drop if a season for an item runs out. Suppose on Halloween, the price of scary masks is more. But when the season runs out then the prices of these things drop exponentially. Moreover, if you are selling gifts or occasional items in your area and the season ends. They dropping the price of giftshop items. Then you can locate other regions and research their customs. Then you can sell your gifts there as well on special occasions. This is a great way to grow and diversify your sales.

Amazon has stores worldwide allowing sellers like yourself to grow your reach. Amazon Global Selling becomes easy with the opportunities provided by Amazon.

Step Two: Selling Worldwide on Amazon

Here is where you can start selling with Amazon. Amazon has a huge selling network in Europe. There are multiple Amazon stores in Europe. So, the expansion campaign is more likely to succeed where there are more Amazon roots. You can sell in UK or Germany. You can sell anywhere in the globe if there is an amazon store in that region. Being an Amazon seller is like nothing else. With a single account on Amazon, you can reach 28 different countries just in Europe. So, you can imagine the opportunities this will open up for you.

You can also join the largest economies in the world in Pacific Asia in Japan. This provides you with the opportunity to sell your products in Japan. Moreover, if you want to sell in Australia then join the growing customers base in Australia to sell there.

You can be among the lucky firsts to expand the emerging market places in the middle east and its countries.

These stores in different regions will allow you to reach customers of 180+ countries. So, Amazon Global Selling is not a dream anymore. These countries have more than 175 fulfillment centers by Amazon. Amazon is ready and waiting to help scale your business on an international level.

Amazon Global Selling Becomes Easy 

With Amazon sellers get many benefits. Amazon provides sellers with a variety of tools and services which make the selling process easy. The process of selling internationally is simplified with Amazon’s help.

You can sign up for selling globally via your seller’s account. After selecting a region to sell in, the first thing you should do is link your accounts. Linking accounts aid in selling internationally and make the process smoother.

With a linked account you can manage your international business with a single account. Moreover, you can get discounted subscriptions from multiple countries.

Similarly, you can cross-list with build international listings which enable you to quickly add multiple offers to another marketplace based on the offer you are already selling. You will save a lot of time as well. Because with build international listing automate offers in the international market places using the best pricing rules that you set. This gives you free control and flexibility when offers are synched. This also enables you to exclude or disconnect specific offers.

FBA helps you grow your business in your home country and abroad. Amazon FBA is a one-of-a-kind service in the online markets. With this fulfillment program, you get so much more than just storage and shipping. Sellers who are affiliated with the program are utilizing the service to the best of their abilities. For global shipment, ship your products to Amazon’s Global Fulfillment centers and the FBA will take care of the rest.

To ship your products to a fulfillment center in another region Amazon provides discounted rates.

Amazon Global Selling becomes easier with the aid of Amazon. So, if you have more questions regarding Amazon Global Selling or anything related to Amazon FBA, feel free to contact us.

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