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Amazon Business Seller Program

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What Is The Amazon Business Seller Program?

The Amazon Business Seller Program has been around for only a couple of years. In that relatively short time, it has seen tenfold growth. This would seem to offer marketers the best opportunity for brand growth as well. But it won’t be that easy to get in when current sales of $ 10 billion growing by another factor of ten.

Right now, sellers can use the Amazon Commercial Seller Program to expand and reach potential commercial customers. That is if they sell a large volume of product that can be sold again.

About Amazon Business

Amazon Business is not the same consumer market that most sellers are used to. The business market is a completely different market that many marketers have never experienced. The Amazon Business Seller Program gives sellers access to that marketplace.

Amazon Business adds business-friendly products and features to the Amazon platform that we all know and love. It is where companies, or commercial buyers, buy products from other companies on Amazon, where they can enjoy the same customer experience.

The Amazon Business Seller Program works best for commercial and industrial products, but you can also make a good profit on other items, as long as there is a market for them in bulk. Sellers can leverage Amazon Business to expand sales across business supply chains in addition to B2B e-commerce relationships. This unique business-specific platform works much like the consumer platform, but with various benefits and conditions for sellers.

Amazon Business Seller Program

How does it work

Registered business customers have access to Amazon Business with separate logins than a regular Amazon account. They can then search for commercial sellers using key products and credentials. List optimization and winning the Buy Box work the same way, it’s just a separate business market. It is similar to Amazon Supply, but more accessible and easier to use. Of particular importance is access to both business clients and retail consumers on Amazon.

Amazon business benefits

Amazon Commercial Sellers enjoy everything professional Sellers do, plus exclusive additional benefits only available with the Amazon Commercial Sellers Program. If you join, you can:

  • sell the same products on both sites
  • integrate with the Professional Sellers Program, Prime and other Amazon services like FBA
  • use different listings of products, content and prices
  • sell large quantities
  • use product bundles
  • enjoy fast and reliable shipping
  • enjoy several payment options
  • respond to requests for quotes
  • Access tools to manage accounts and track expenses, and more.
Amazon Business Seller Program benefits

Here are some key benefits that we would like to detail:

1. Customer market

Amazon Business enables sellers to access a new customer market: commercial buyers. It’s a new way to expand your profitability and reach opportunities. Business customers can search for them on a separate platform that was specifically designed for B2B relationships, such as selling to distributors and resellers rather than directly to retail customers.

With the Amazon Business Seller Program, you are building relationships based on your brand history, optimized product listings, positive business customer reviews, and repeat mass sales.

2. Higher profitability

Commercial sellers can set prices based on volume and give quantity discounts at different levels or according to the size of the order. It is designed for commercial buyers, who generally buy in bulk.

There are also discounted Amazon referral fees for bulk transactions in certain B2B categories. This way, you can increase your profit margins or lower prices to stay competitive without reducing your margins, all while moving more inventory.

Additionally, Amazon Business sellers can enjoy the Tax Exemption Program where tax exemption is automated on qualified purchases. This makes the buying process even simpler for customers and sellers.

3. Designation and credentials of the seller

Commercial sellers get that title under their business name in all of their listings, checkout boxes, and product deals, so they stand out right away. Buyers will see that even if they are not searching the business platform. The designation is also a status symbol denoting trust and credibility as Amazon Business has stricter guidelines that even professional sellers must adhere to.

Amazon Business sellers also have eighteen types of credentials available to them, such as Quality, Diversity, Owned (Minority, Female), Green, and Made in the USA. Amazon Business customers will be able to filter their product search using these credentials. , which will allow them to meet the purchasing requirements that government organizations, universities, non-profit organizations, and others usually have.

4. Greater visibility and content

Amazon Business is easier for business customers to use because it was designed for them. It has fewer distractions like advertisements, and searching for products is simpler. This makes it easier for them to find it and make a purchase.

However, more than that, Amazon Business allows you to add enhanced content to your listings that is not even available to professional sellers. This means that you can tell a complete company story with your logo, branding text, and company comments.

Business clients can also rate and comment on you, giving you a built-in list of testimonials. You can also create enhanced product descriptions with visual and instructional videos such as CAD drawings, user guides or installation manuals and materials. On your Provider page, you can upload your logo, website, email, phone, and other company details. You can also save all of your favorite Amazon vendors so you don’t have to look up past purchases to make sure you’re restocking from the same trusted partner.

Even better, Amazon prioritizes company listings: For starters, they favor increased sales momentum and established success indicators, which are easier to come by when sold in bulk. Then they also have commercial salespeople because they can offer better deals to customers.

What to be aware of

The Commercial Salesperson Program requires a higher level of performance than the Professional Salesperson Program. This is what you need to keep:

  1. 9% product quality rate
  2. 99% in stock rate
  3. <1% pre-shipment cancellation fee
  4. <2% late shipping fee
  5. <0.5% order defect rate
Each purchase must also have:
  1. a purchase order and a tracking number on each package
  2. a delivery note with each order
  3. commercial invoices on demand

If you can handle frequent purchases and meet all of these requirements consistently, then it may be worth joining. It can be incredibly difficult to control everything, so be prepared before signing up.

Sign up

Get started with Amazon Business Seller program

Many professional sellers will have received an invitation like this from Amazon:

Dear seller,

We note that your products are relevant to commercial buyers. To expand your reach to commercial buyers, we invite you to join the Amazon Business Seller program.

Included at no additional cost as part of the Professional Sales Plan, this program gives you access to exclusive benefits and features such as:

  • Tiered referral fee for high value purchases in certain categories
  • Ability to improve your seller profile for commercial buyers
  • Ability to upload enhanced product content such as user guides to your products
    And more …

Join the program or learn more by clicking “Join Now” below.

If you have not received this invitation and are already a professional seller, you can also request an upgrade to an Amazon Business account. Approval doesn’t take long, and you can often set up your account immediately after registration. You will need to re-enter your business information, as well as create all-new business listings, product packages, etc.


If you decide to join the business platform, please note that business price change stops automated pricing rules. The fact that the lowest commercial price you can give in bulk orders is lower than the minimum you can set at your regular price so can sometimes confuse the Amazon system. Contact support if you have problems in this area.

If after trying it you decide that you are not satisfied with Amazon Business, you can contact Amazon support and go back to the Professional plan.

What To Prepare

My content

All your listings should be fully optimized, but don’t just copy from your regular listings. Take full advantage of enhanced business options for images, descriptions, reviews, and the like. Prepare the highest quality content focused on the business value potential of your products.


You must price your products competitively and secure your margins. Millions of other retailers will sell through the commercial market as it continues to grow, so you need this to be successful.

TIP: Open the business marketplace page in another browser along with the regular Amazon marketplace. That’s where you can see your competitor’s trade prices and quantity discounts. If you are in Seller Central, you will only be able to view your own prices and discounts. In that separate business interface, you can also monitor the same ASIN versus non-business Amazon so you can manage the competition with your regular retail price.

Be sure to consider your tired and quantity incremental volume discount offers.


You should have a budget reserved for advertising so that you can set up campaigns as soon as the tools are available to you. You’ll want to focus on your ideal buyers to maintain the metrics you need in Amazon Business.

Final Thoughts

Sellers must act now if they want to make a name for themselves on the Amazon Business platform. Competition is still relatively low, but it won’t remain an open market for long. New commercial sellers can get ahead of the pack by walking in and grabbing the first player’s perks before it fills up.

The Amazon Business Seller Program gives you access to business customers, which is a great opportunity to increase your visibility, sales, and feedback in ways not available in a Professional account. The demands are rigid, but if you are committed to the highest standards, you can be successful, expanding your business and increasing profits.

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