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Amazon Basics

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Amazon Basics – All You Need to Know             

Amazon Basics is a private label. The thing about his PL is that it is from Amazon. Amazon is by far the most successful online business platform. Moreover, now it is one of the largest marketing platforms as well. We can only see Amazon succeeding even more in the future. Is there someone who can compete with Amazon? It is highly unlikely that another online platform can compete or even come close to Amazon. There are some areas where Amazon is lacking. Nothing is perfect and the same goes for Amazon. But with the pace at Amazon is developing and growing. Sooner or later, there will be no flaws whatsoever.

As a seller, your priority for doing business should be with Amazon. There are tons of reasons why you should consider Amazon. But the most important one is its high customer concentration. You are more likely to run a successful business with a stable ROI on Amazon. Similarly, Amazon provides tons of advantages and opportunities to its customers. Whether they are sellers or buyers, both get the same hospitality with a difference of services.

What are Amazon Basics?

Amazon Basics is a private label launched by Amazon itself. This private label covers a majority of categories from kitchenware to tech accessories and everything that comes in between them. The private label focuses on small items which are fall in the inexpensive category. So, every small and cheap product is a part of Amazon Basics.

Amazon Basics was launched back in 2009. Since then, there have been a lot of changes in the business scheme. In the beginning, it was all about small accessories meant for a specific audience. But now, with the exponential growth, it covers thousands of everyday items. Therefore, people are more engaged in buying everyday items through AmazonBasics.

So, how does amazon meet the demands of buyers? Amazon has millions of customers going in and out every day. With that customer data, Amazon analyzes what are the customers looking for? So, utilizing that data they can predict the demands of buyers in a particular time frame.

When customers come to amazon, they are likely to search for specific items which give amazon an idea of their demand. Moreover, if a product is already available then the click concentration shows the high demand for that product.

Similarly, if the outcomes are not what we’re supposed to be i.e., profits then amazon removes the product from their list.

Amazon Basics – What does a Seller gain from this?

Not everyone has a golden spoon in their hands. So, when this is the case, the customers tend to be more cost-conscious. The customers want something that is cheap and can fulfill their needs as well. There’s no need to buy expensive stuff when you can get the same things at cheaper prices.

So, this can become more of a challenge for the sellers. Because as a seller you cannot just sell items at cheaper rates. You need to consider many factors before doing so.

What “NOT” to Do as a Seller!

AmazonBasics is all about cheap stuff. Therefore, there are 14 categories on Amazon for this. As a seller, if you are selling in one of those categories or more. Then, it might be harder to get sales. The reason is that you are directly competing with Amazon. Amazon is already doing this, so if you dive into the same pool then it might be harder for you to swim.

You can expect zero help or consideration from Amazon in this regard.

Some of the categories are:

  • Phone CablesData Cables 
  • Power Cables
  • Batteries
  • Small Office and Home Accessories
  • Sports Stuff
  • Traveling Aids or Stuff
  • Bedding
  • Pet Toys and supplies

So, by any chance your product gets a lot of attention and success then that won’t be for long. Amazon can make a private label out of that and hammering your business and success down to earth.

Amazon’s Choice Tag

A title or a badge bestowed upon the items that are doing great in their category. With an Amazon’s Choice Tag, the products receive more visibility against a specific keyword.

Important Things to Know for Sellers

AmazonBasics is like a limb that will stay there forever. Moreover, it will always provide better buying options. So, sellers need to make sure they remain on good terms with Amazon.

  • Design your listing to the rules of Amazon. Do not add something extra without the proper information.
  • Choose a product with a specific niche. Make sure that the product follows that niche. This will help you in growing your business and gaining unique recognition.
  • Customers love unique products that fit a specific category.
  • Make sure that your items are easy to find.
  • AmazonBasics covers almost all the basic stuff. So, a niche is necessary for your business along with the item resemblance with the niche.
  • Follow the demand. It will be easier to meet the demands of people.
  • Find a way so that the customers can differentiate between your products and AmazonBasics.
  • AmazonBasics PL is cheap, but not all customers are looking for cheap products.
  • Add value and quality to your products. This will attract more customers.
  • Giveaway freebies with your products. The items should be unique and different from the AmazonBasics category. You can also give custom-made small gifts.

Final Advice – Amazon Basics

Make sure that the images you post have the highest quality. The keywords should have rich and engaging descriptions. The way of presenting something also affects a customer’s perspective on a product.

Amazon is not just a marketplace. A place where you can find almost anything is qualified to be called a product search engine. With effective keywords and a gentle description, it will be easier for the customers to find a way to your online shop. Remember, the more convenience you provide to the customers the more you will receive as well.

For more information, tips, insights, and suggestions feel free to contact us. Moreover, if you want guidance on “How to start your Amazon Business” feel free to contact us!

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