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Selling on Amazon VS Ebay

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Where Should You Sell – Selling on Amazon Vs eBay

A choice of life “Where should you sell your products?”, “Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon Vs eBay”. As a seller, you have multiple options when selling online. If you don’t get along with both of those then there are tons of other options available. You can find many stores online that will grant you large sums of money via your business. Another option is that you can always open up your store online. Here, we are going to discuss some pros and cons of both Amazon and eBay. Depending upon that, you can make a choice where to sell or not sell at all.

Selling on Amazon Vs eBay – Pros and Cons

Amazon is the world’s biggest online market and eBay is not far behind as well.

Pros of Amazon

1. More People Go on Amazon

About 50% of the online sales are done on Amazon daily. It means that a lot of people from the USA and other countries visit Amazon daily. So, with more people, there are more chances to sell your products. More people will able to see your products. With more visibility, there are more sales.

2. FBA Amazon Program

“Fulfillment by Amazon” offers sellers services like packaging, storage, shipping, and fast delivery. Moreover, returns and refunds are also handled by FBA Amazon. So, you can see the amount of convenience that Amazon gives to its customers.

These two pros of Amazon let alone stand at the top.

Now let’s talk about the Pros of eBay

Pros of eBay

Collectibles and Used ItemsOne of the major reasons to sell on eBay would be because of its flexibility. eBay is great for selling collectibles and use items. You will find more customers looking for used items on eBay rather than Amazon. People mostly don’t go to Amazon if they want to buy used items. In this category, eBay takes the win. eBay has a reputation for buying and selling used items and collectibles. Whereas, selling collectibles is harder on Amazon.

  1. eBay has an Auction System

With the auction system, you can get money for your unique items as much as possible. The highest bidder will take the prize. So, if you possess an item of interest and the one who bids the most will win. In this way, you can make as much money as possible. Whereas on Amazon, it is more of a fixed price system.

  1. Low Fees 

As compared to Amazon eBay has lower fees. Amazon has a fee of 15% whereas eBay only charges 10%. So, if you want to save more and get more returns on your investments then eBay would be a great choice.

Now let’s look at the cons of selling on Amazon vs eBay

Cons of Amazon

If you are getting more sales then amazon might compete against you. They call this the amazon basics. Also, fees are higher on Amazon. As we’ve stated before, a 15% fee is a lot. This is the standard fee of selling on Amazon. If you want Amazon FBA then that will cost separately.

There is no flexibility whatsoever. Amazon is the master of its kingdom so they can kick you off anytime they want to. If you break a rule or do something that is against their terms and conditions. They will happily kick you off without a warning or a chance of redemption.

Cons of eBay 

eBay is losing its spotlight. It is trending down in the market as of 2021. The amount of organic traffic and sales is significantly less on eBay as compared to Amazon. So, if you want to invest in something then investing in the trending one would be a smart and logical choice.

Moreover, eBay can also kick you off of their platform just like amazon. So, they are both the same in that category.

eBay is the least used platform. Most people tend to buy something new and fresh. The reliability factor of used products is quite low. So, people do not visit eBay as much as Amazon.

The biggest con of eBay is not having a fulfillment program or fulfillment centers. You need to have a place to store your products. Similarly, you need to pack them and take care of the shipping and delivery. Moreover, you will have to take care of the returns and refunds as well. All of this stuff can be taken care of by Amazon by their Amazon FBA program.

The process of a full delivery system is not easy. So, this is a pretty big blow for eBay. People or new sellers don’t want the trouble of storing, packing, shipping and delivery.

Selling on Amazon vs eBay – Who’s the Winner?

It depends upon you. If you want to sell used goods and collectibles then eBay is the way to go. This type of business is much harder on Amazon. And with the auction system, you can get handsome returns.

For people aiming for a private label or a brand then Amazon is the best platform for that. With a private label, you can make a unique brand and get huge sales. Amazon FBA takes care of most of the work so you don’t have to worry about the hectic processes. Moreover, amazon prices are fixed and the profits only grow when your sales do. Unlike eBay where you can make a thousand bucks from a single item, Amazon does not have that.

As a seller, it depends upon the type of business you like and consider most effective. Likewise, the quality or type of products you want to sell define which platform would be the best fit.

This concludes our “selling on Amazon vs eBay” analysis. If you have a question or you need information, feel free to contact us.

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