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How to make Money on Amazon without Selling anything?

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A question must have crossed your mind if you are affiliated with Amazon in any way. The question is How to make it on Amazon without selling anything. Amazon is an online market so it makes sense to make money by selling something on it. There are a lot of ways you can make money on Amazon without selling anything. There are tons of opportunities on amazon and those can let you earn a lot of money. With the rate that the current market is growing, there will be tons of opportunities to avail. Every day people are joining the amazon sellers list. So, all of those new businesses need support and online work. As long as you have the right knowledge about the market then you can avail a lot of opportunities.

Moreover, you do not have to be a master in a skill to work on Amazon. People out there are earning thousands of dollars a day without any experience whatsoever. So, don’t limit yourself to thinking that only those people who have the skill and talent can work on Amazon. The facts are quite opposite though. If you have some knowledge about the thing you want to do then stop waiting and start acting. You will pick up new skills and experiences along the way. And same goes for everyone. Let’s talk about some of the most effective ways you can earn money without selling anything on amazon.

Sellers do make a lot but they cannot do it all on their own. They need support, management, and innovations to make a business successful. For that, they need people, yes! People like you!

How can you make money on Amazon Without selling? Explained!

Become an Affiliate!

Yes, you can make tons of cash online on Amazon without being a seller. So, say goodbye to the seller’s account, and no need to apply for the FBA program. Just join an Amazon Affiliate program. This is pretty straightforward. After you join up you will get a code. All you have to do is paste that code on a website or a blog where people can click on it. When people click on the link then you will get some money as commission. Cool! Right? And the best part is you don’t have to do any selling or even think of selling something. Save yourself from the troubles of FBA, worrying about the items in the warehouses, and most of all the refunds.

Work as a Virtual Assistant on Amazon

Most of the new businesses or mid-level growing businesses cannot handle everything on their own. So, why not become their savior angel. Offer them the best of your services and work with passion. Amazon VA can manage a business very effectively. There are a lot of opportunities in the VA department on Amazon. The rate at which the sellers are growing on Amazon, VA opportunities are expanding as well. What does a VA do? Please check out our Amazon Virtual Assistant guide to know more about a VA. A growing business might need more than one VA. As a VA you can work part-time or full-time depending upon the seller’s requirements. Moreover, as a VA ask the seller to provide clear instructions on what he requires.

Work as An MTurk on Amazon

work an MTURK onAMAZON

First of all, you need to sign up as a worker. Now you are not a worker but you are now a Turker, which is the same thing as a worker but whatever! Now that you are a turker, what can you do to make money on Amazon?

  1. Description Writer
  2. Write Transcripts
  3. Answer legit surveys, Yes! LEGIT.

As a writer, you will have to write small descriptions of the products for google. This is pretty neat if you love to write and it is easy to do. So, for me, this is one of the best places to get started from as I love to write.

Convert audio transcripts into the text to earn some cash. The audio files are not too long so there will not be any problem converting them to text form speech. Or simply typing them. The survey part is quite obvious. How to make money on Amazon Without Selling? Well, these are a few simple ways to get things going.

But the main reason behind doing small and time taking tasks should be much bigger than just earning a few bucks for pizza. You need to invest those earnings like a smart human being. Either choose Amazon to start your own business or invest somewhere else where you can double the profit. Keep repeating the process until you finally have tons of money.

Running a business on Amazon does not necessarily mean that you’d always have to sell something to make money. There are many opportunities on Amazon as we’ve mentioned before.

Moreover, you can also work in one of the Amazon Warehouses to earn money.

Another way to make money on Amazon is by Amazon gift cards. You can join a reliable website that offers surveys and various other tasks. If you complete those tasks then you get points. If you have enough points then you can redeem an Amazon gift card. You did make some money but you can only use those gift cards on Amazon to buy stuff.

Our recommendation would be to become a VA on Amazon as VA does make more money. Similarly, a VA has access to many opportunities as compared to other Amazon money-making programs. The second-best option would be the Amazon Affiliate program.

So, tell us what you think is the best way on “How to make money on Amazon without selling?”

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Feel free to contact us for more information and guidance on how to make money on Amazon without selling anything.

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