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Amazon FBA Packaging

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Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements 2021

Amazon FBA Packaging is really important and it is a big pain point for a lot of sellers on Amazon. This blog will show you how to connect with Amazon properly. Amazon is expecting some things from you as well. So, we will talk about how to do proper packaging and labeling on products. You have to make sure that you meet Amazon’s requirements. Likewise, your inventory could have a smooth entry into Amazon’s business environment. If there are some setbacks then the process of delivery can get delayed. Selling quickly and providing the best customer experience depends highly on you as well. So, let’s be.

Amazon FBA Packaging and Labeling

At his point, your inventory is listed on Amazon. Your products are ready to go as well. The next step is to ensure a safe and smooth transfer of your items in Amazon warehouses or fulfillment centers.

You may be sending in loose products, products sold as a set, or boxed units.

There are also specifics to note if you are going to be using poly bags. Also, if you are sending in case-packed items, which most of the sellers prefer doing.

Every product requires an FNSKU label. So, this should be done properly. FNSKU abbreviates to fulfillment network stock keeping unit. This label must be visible. The label must be physically affixed to each unit’s packaging and there should be no visibility barriers. Amazon scans each unit via this label. It must be easily scannable.

FNSKU number is unique to each unit. Similarly, if the products have different colors, then the FNSKU will be unique as well. If the products are the same then one FNSKU is enough for all of them. If the products have variations, then there will be a different FNSKU for each product variant.

Amazon Does not Accept Loose Products

Amazon FBA packaging center does not accept loose products. Loose products may fall in the category of accessories etc. Make sure that each unit is contained within a single and secure package. Amazon will reject the products which are in pieces and not contained within a single unit. Moreover, Amazon will not assemble those products on your behalf. This is not a part of their service.

Similarly, products should not come out of the poly bags like socks, sleeves of shirts, etc. They should be properly packed within the polybag.

If you want to combine two products and sell them as the same unit then you have to do it before sending it to Amazon. Otherwise, Amazon will consider both separate products and they will not comply with your request. Bundle two or more products into a single unit then send it to Amazon.

Selling Sets of Products

If you are selling products as a set or sets then you have to notify Amazon. How will you do that? Amazon FBA Packaging service needs to be notified by marking on the sets. Either mark “Do not sell separately” or “Sold as a Set. Do not separate.” on the products.

The actual packaging of a set must once again be unified and secure. You cannot send in loose units and just tell Amazon that it is a set. It does not work that way. You need to package all the sets components together in one box or poly bag and label them as required.

Boxed Units

If you want to send in your units in boxes then the boxes must have six sides. Moreover, the box must be properly fixed. The lid of the box should not come off on its own. Use high-quality boxes to make sure they stay closed. If the lid opens up then you need to close it with a staple or glue. The box must be able to withstand medium pressure without collapsing. These are the requirements set by Amazon FBA packaging centers.

If the boxes have perforations like the tissue boxes, then they must pass a test. The box must be able to contain whatever it is inside from a 3-foot drop. If the box is unable to pass the test, then the box requires a polybag. But if the box survives the test, then there is no need for a polybag.

The main concern that Amazon has is that if the things from the boxes come out or spill out then those units must have a polybag. Otherwise, this will create confusion in the warehouse.

Poly Bagged Units

Products in a polybag are poly bag units. Polybags having a 5inch opening or wider must have a suffocation warning. The warning must be printed on the bag or on a label on that bag. The warning on the polybag must be visible. It must not be opaque; it must be transparent. The minimum standard thickness should be 1.5mm.

The FNSKU label should be on the poly bag and not inside it for ease in the scanning process. Polybags must not have any scratch marks. They must not be torn. It must be sealed and secured completely.

Mention Expiry Dates 

This depends on the type of products, usually food items and preserved foods. Amazon FBA packaging center will only accept products with an expiration date of more than 3 months. So, if your product is going to expire within 3 months then Amazon will not accept that in their warehouse.

The expiration date is mentioned on a label separate from other labels. Moreover, if the products are in a crate, then the expiration date must be mentioned on the crate as well as on each unit.

Do not cover up the expiration date and the FNSKU to make it difficult for Amazon to scan.

All of these steps are necessary by the sellers to ensure a smooth receival. Any of these steps, if not done properly, can cause problems for you and Amazon. They will most probably reject your items and you have to do it all over again. For more information on packaging, Amazon FBA, and Labeling products please contact us. We are happy to help you out any time.

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