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Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions

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Amazon FBA Chrome Extension

Amazon is not an easy platform to conquer but with a good Amazon FBA chrome extension you can do wonders. As a seller you need everything you can to gain an edge in the fierce competition. You will need every tool you can find to go against the competitors. Luckily for you, chrome browser has some of the best Amazon FBA chrome extensions available for free. These extension can help you to compete in the market. The high compatibility of the tools in the browser will provide a wonderful experience. Moreover, your efficiency of searching, hunting and securing a visible place will increase dramatically.

We are going to look at top 5 best Amazon FBA Chrome Extension list that will aid you in your business.

Amazon comes with some the most hectic and time consuming tasks. These tools are made to ease the process and reduce time consumption. They make the search process easy and deliver outstanding performance.

Amazon FBA Chrome Extension – FBA Calculator

So, you have found some good products to sell. Before you list your products on Amazon, you should use the FBA calculator. Why? Because you need to know how much this product is going to benefit you in terms of profits. With this extension you can find the profitability of the product. The process is simple. All you have to do is go on an Amazon page (any page would do). Now click on the extension icon. After that you will see some empty fields relating to product cost, amazon FBA fee and standard fee. You need to fill those. The calculator will give you the results. The result shows the amount of profit you are going to make after all the deductions.

Jungle Scout – Data Hunter

Jungle scout is a paid tool. They pay check behind the jungle scout is well defended by the services it provides. Although, it is not very expensive in the long run. Jungle Scout gives accurate data and information. A proper flow of information coming into your accounts can help you make critical decisions. Amazon sellers need to be precise and accurate when choosing a product to sell. With the jungle scout you will be able to get ideas on different products and their investment returns. So, a $97 tool can pave the path for you in making millions. Once you choose the most efficient product to sell covering all the basics and detailed factors. Then you are ready to do business.

With jungle count you can:

  • Find various products and ideas for your business
  • Know estimations of your sales on a specific product
  • Have an idea of Projection of revenues
  • Find High quality keywords and their information
  • Get competitors data and information
  • Find a specific seller’s ranking

 Now isn’t that amazing? Market analysis manually can take days but not with jungle scout. This is by far one the best Amazon FBA chrome extension.

Keepa – The Best Amazon Price Tracker

The 5 star rating on this Amazon Seller tool is enough to complement its efficiency and popularity. Without a doubt this is a must have Amazon chrome extension for sellers. What does Keepa do? Keepa Amazon price tracker grants access to price history of millions of products on Amazon. Moreover, it also alerts the sellers when the market is losing interest in a specific product. The data tracking is done in real-time so you can expect 100% efficiency from Keepa.

As a seller you need to take the competition head on and price your products accordingly. This strategy is crucial for sales. With Keepa, you will know the prices of competitors in real time. Then you can devise a suitable price strategy to gain a crucial advantage over the competitor.

Helium 10 – The Pride of an Amazon Seller

Helium 10 has gained a lot of attention since its initial launch. As time went by more and more sellers and professionals recommended. This is one of the best tools you can get on Chrome for Amazon. Helium 10 is a tool that does it all. If you don’t want a tool to have only one function then helium 10 comes to the rescue.

With his tool you can get the best keyword information for amazon products. Moreover, every product has a unique ASIN information set and helium 10 let you in on that. You can copy it.

Helium 10’s Features

  • Let’s you know how other sellers are fulfilling their orders in the same niche as well
  • It tells you about the competitors stock
  • You can download competitor’s data with helium 10
  • It analyzes competitor’s market demand and customer reviews and much more

Helium 10 is free to use. So, you can make the best of this free tool with you Amazon FBA business

AmazeOwl – Product Research for FBA Business

The best friend and partner of your Amazon FBA Business. This Amazon FBA Chrome Extension is a powerful product research tool regarding FBA business. The best part is that it does it all on Amazon. AmazeOwl for Amazon is easy to use and provides an excellent user’s experience.

With AmazeOwn you can:

  • Generate a list of products
  • Analyze market data
  • Make use of efficient keywords to locate potential products

Final Thoughts

As a seller you need to utilize every utility and opportunity you can get. With these amazing extension tools you can gain a significant advantage over other sellers. Amazon is a complex platform and other sellers are doing all they can to ensure an increase in their sales. So, you need to do the same.

If you are a beginner then we’d recommend the helium 10. All of these tools are great at what they do. But it takes someone who knows about the market to operate them to their full potential. Therefore, as a beginner helium 10 would be a great choice. The reason is because you don’t have to look for different tools for different tasks. Helium 10 will be more than enough to handle all of your necessities.

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